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Early Season 2007

April is now here and on the run up to the new season we have been busy with our casting instruction courses ( – short 4 hour tutorials – in preparation for this seasons guiding. The winter has been extremely mild and this should bode well for 2007, all we need now are for the winds to drop and the clarity to improve.
We will be starting this season with the knowledge that some of the best and most consistent fishing last year was had in early season (May) over some larger kelp areas to the East of Hayling, literally just dead drifting whilst the flooding tide did the work for us. Maybe these fish are present all year round but only really start to show themselves when the waters begin to heat up – we’ll soon find out.

Some of the commercial fishing boats had been observing the Bass still feeding up until about four weeks ago when a week of very high winds and dropping temperatures seem to quieten things down considerably – whether the Bass are obvious to the eye or not we’ll be using slow retrieves on sink tip lines to persuade them to play.
There have been some great articles written for the newly launched Fish and Fly website over the recent months ( with specific reference to the salt water section, so please take a look if you get time; a lot of the literature is on a “Freeview” basis so everybody can gain something whilst other articles have been commissioned so membership is required. 
The Bass-fishing  website has also had some changes to coincide with the start of 2007 with two new sections being launched to offer all flyers relevant information on salt water fly fishing books ( and salt water Bass flies (, the patterns were used extensively last year and contributed to over 2000 fish being caught so I know they work.

Dates for 2007 have been consistently booked from November last year as the “Gift-Voucher” option seemed to be a better alternative as a Christmas present than socks and boxer shorts! As we speak, 300 flyers have reserved their days and the remaining dates are listed below which still offer good opportunities on some great tides so please take a look.

May I thank you all for your continued support and I look forward to seeing you all in the coming months.

Tight Lines
Justin Anwyl