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New Orvis Hydros 8 wt Saltwater rod 2009

Orvis Hydros 8 wt and Mirage Large Arbor field test 2009


This autumn I was asked at the last minute by Orvis to leave space in my travel case for the new Hydros 8 weight and Mirage Large Arbor reel to test out on the Striped Bass and False Albacore fishery in Connecticut USA.


With water temperatures unseasonably high for late September there was every chance of meeting an unusual amount of False Albacore and even Bonito – of all the fish in the sea these two species will run so quickly they will burn you when they grace your line!


The Hydros 8 weight is Orvis’ 21st century T3, just as strong and 25% lighter, it is designed with the Salt water enthusiast in mind with a tough aluminum reel seat and quality guide eyes throughout. This rod when combined with their new Mirage 8 weight Large Arbor reel was a perfect match – a rod and reel designed for each other.


In the initial four hours of the first day in September 2009 the Hydros and Mirage combination saw me meet, greet and tail 5 False Albacore into double figures, the following four days allowed this set up to introduce itself to Striped Bass and Blue fish all into double digits.

In 2002, Orvis produced the T3 saltwater 8 weight rod to take advantage of its new Thermoplastic design, by the autumn of 2009 the Hydros rod came of age, a rod with a solid track record just got even better.




Justin Anwyl

Saltwater Fly fishing guide UK/USA