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Mid Season 2007

To all those caught by the Fly...

Well, what can I say, April gave us July temperatures and the impression that the summer was going to be a cracker and July has decided to go back to April with the added benefit of 25 knots of breeze everyday, roll on summer ! We have in fact lost very few days to the wind as the South Westerlies leave us a number of marks to access by foot but double hauling has been essential in order to get the distance and tack the breeze efficiently.

June saw the Bass starting to congregate over kelp which led to many clients meeting up to 30 fish a session and approximately 10% were of a better stamp than normal which is twice the average for this time of year – June’s total came in at just over 400 fish. We have started to drift onto these areas whilst using drogues on the boat just to slow us down when travelling with wind and tide and the Bass have been accommodating – When working the main navigation channels it’s been essential to get the flies well down into the water column and 9 inches per second sinkers have been working well under good conditions with fish up to 5lbs being pulled.

July has started pretty well considering the weather has continued to force us off the harbour with 50 fish in the last 6 sessions – congratulations to Pete Hutchins and Graham Adamson who were forced to reluctantly retreat with the tide after having met 9 fish at the end of one session. The weather remains unsettled for the foreseeable future which is frustrating but with water temperatures at 17 degrees the fish have been motivated to feed so we’ll continue to battle the breeze and push our lines south.

And lastly, later on at the end of the Atlantic Bass season I’ll be travelling to Boston for the back end Striper run (last week of October) to fish the Connecticut coastline with Ed Mitchell and Dan Woods – that time of year may well present the opportunity to triple up on Bonito and False Albacore as well so depending on how we get on I will be looking to begin the 2008 season with a Spring trip for interested clients so take a look at the new US Striper gallery ( which was contributed by Dan Merritt after a successful mid summer break, a remarkably similar coastline, similar techniques and similar quarry just a lot bigger!

I’ll report back at the end of the UK season with the 2007 summary and an appraisal of the US trip – The editorial and digital content will appear on the Orvis website ( as well as on Fish and Fly ( so for now, keep hauling, be safe and keep praying the summer arrives to give an Indian finish to an otherwise testing first four months.

Tight lines,

Justin Anwyl

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