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Mid Season 2006

To all those caught by the fly
I hope you are all well and getting   hooked up in the salt where ever you may be. May was   not dissimilar to last year with some windy days but the catches were spot on   with over 200 fish finding the fly although the largest was only 3lbs. It felt   as if we were off to a good start until temperatures dropped and the Spring   almost had to start again, it still feels as if fish are coming in later than in   previous years and this was reflected in the June total which was 30% short of   the previous few seasons and some 250 Bass lower than the average since 2003 and  once again nothing hitting the gauge above 3lbs.

Water temperatures   have rocketed over the last couple of weeks and there's been a large propensity of both young sand eels and herring in the Chichester harbour. High ambient temperatures and water temps have started to bring fish into the   shallows although the relatively high light conditions seems to be keeping fish   much lower in the water and Hi D lines are the only way we've been able to   contact fish as the Sandwich terns and Little terns which aid our spotting have  had a hard time finding the bait as well

July News
The first couple of   days in July were extremely difficult coupled with Neap tides and soaring   temperatures into the 30's but in the last couple of days we've taken fish above 26 inch range in deeper water which is encouraging. 

Some of the larger shoals which clients hit earlier on this season seem to have dispersed and   interestingly enough they tended to regroup on the Neap tides later on in the flood (5 hrs back).

We've been experimenting with some other flies as well this season on top of the standard   clousers so when I see you for your forthcoming dates   this season I will hopefully be able to share these with you. For   those of you who are still deciding whether a trip is feasible this season, if I   can be of help by sending you the last few remaining dates in Aug/Sept and Oct just let me know

Other Business
I have   been invited to join a network of other professionals headed up by Richard Hewitt, John Bailey and Gordon Sim under the 'Fish and   Fly'; web site which will be an invaluable portal for anyone interested in up to date information on Salmon, Trout, Sea Trout and other Sport-fish. The re launch will be at the e/o July and I hope you will all visit us in due course .   My specific role is to develop and encourage new flyers into the salt water   arena both here and abroad which will include the Eastern Sea board in the USA for Stripers, I will keep you all posted 

Keep the faith and tight lines to you all 

Justin Anwyl