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Methods and Tackle

Standard tackle would include a Weight 8 (9ft or 10ft) Saltwater rod with an equivalent line combined with a salt resistant Large Arbor reel backed up with plenty of braid (This will only become apparent when a large Bass strips off 100 meters whilst heading out to sea!)

When deciding to purchase equipment, I would recommend a medium / fast action Salt water series rod combined with a Large Arbor salt resistant reel. This combination will give both strength and balance whilst reducing line memory at an affordable price.

Line selection is important as normal freshwater fly lines will rot unless specifically manufactured for this purpose.

A number of different techniques can be used (not dissimilar to methods used for trout) combined with various line types (depending on whether the Bass are surface feeding or not).

Remember saltwater rots EVERYTHING, so always wash your kit down with freshwater at the end of every session to ensure trouble free sport.