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Late Spring Newsletter 2014

"To All those caught by the fly"

2014 has started in full swing and the obvious difference this season is that there seems to be a very good head of bait fish around in the mid Solent and its average size for this time of year is large (2 inches plus). Bass too seem in extremely good condition and I put this down to a very mild winter - I recount only one minor frost, a heap of wind and a monsoons worth of rain, the Bass wouldn't know if it's wet or windy but they do not like extreme temperature differentials and there i think lies two explanations as to the size and propensity of food we are witnessing:

1. The mild conditions allowed the year classes to flourish over the winter period
2. The two months of wind we had in excess of 30knts would have kept the commercial fleet at the dock, basically unable to work the inshore fishery.

My belief is that the schooling classes of fish kept local and didn't move into the more stable, deeper waters and have been relatively unscathed from the local commercial fleet thus allowing them to not only spawn in peace but also grow. Remember, Bass are at their most vulnerable when heavily shoaled up. We get this in Jan/Feb when they will lie in deeper water (more stable) almost catatonic. This leaves them very open to being caught and the fact is this last winter would have been difficult to commercially operate in - I'll leave the rest of this up to you guys and would be interested to see if the seasons pan's out as predicted.

solent gulls
Solent gulls working over Brit

April was filled with casting instruction and double hauling lessons and May saw us start to chase some fins about. The water temperature hit 14 degrees on the 22nd May and by e/o May beginning of June we started to witness large shoals of schooling Bass hunt. June so far has yielded over 500 Bass (average size 42 cms) the largest topping 5lbs, nothing bigger.

Anthony Tabor with a Cockroach caught Bass

Chichester Harbour too has a good head of fish which tend to work on the early/mid flood. Robbie Hume witnessed a busy 2 hrs off Fishery Buoy taking Bass after Bass which triggered on 1.5 inch brit. The conditions have needed to be warm, sultry and over cast. Add wind into the mix and the bait keeps low and the action stays too deep to notice.

Robbie Hume working during witching hour

Connecticut 2014 is full and we kick off on the 22nd Sept for the Striper run, so here's keeping our fingers crossed the False Albacore follow the Gulf Stream into the New England Sound this year.

Tackle sales last year were at a record high with 8 weights "Seawolf" rods selling well as were "Seawolf S" LA reels, combination deals can be made so please call for more information on 01243 785496.

Seawolf “S” reels

To all of you who have been or yet to be guided, I look forward to seeing you again. Tight lines  and I am updating daily/weekly movements on facebook throughout the year, please see link if interested.

Sunset on the South coast

Justin Anwyl
IGFA Guide