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Late Season 2004

September was mixed with a number of clients catching a lot of small bass form the Chichester Harbour mark and a few better fish showing from the Pagham side . The weather was inconsistent with quite strong winds blowing in from the South West which is unusual so early on, but this presented a lot of food as the bottom shingle got churned up and better fish were seen near in feeding on the tide edge.

Total for the season was just over 2000 fish with just under 10% of these being mature (between 2lbs and 7lbs) which was good but frustrating as a lot of these fish were caught during small pockets of activity (usually at the tail end of the flood) and over only some of the fishable tide dates .

We will be starting again for 2005 in April and I will send out recommended dates to everyone in the New Year so those who have expressed an interest in booking early can do so .

On the Fenton Robinson side , I am travelling to Belize for the first trip in December (1-9th) and will report back with how we got on catching Bone-fish and Tarpon and maybe we’ll be lucky and connect with a Permit aswell . There is an exploratory trip being pencilled in for January to travel to Africa to fish for big GT’s (40kg’s plus) which is record class and sailfish from the beach on the fly !, so call me if this is of interest .

The new website is being launched soon and all the destinations will be posted on the net accordingly . Many thanks to all of you this season and well done to those who broke personal best records or indeed managed to tick Bass off their “fly-caught” list of species .