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July/Aug Newsletter 2009

Well they arrived late, almost 2-3 weeks by my records since 2003, but when they arrived, year class 2003/2004 were on the bite from the get go. July has been an exceptional month, offering up Bass to the double figured mark and some flyers experiencing blitzing for 3-4 hours, great sport for those have visited for the first time this season and to the more experienced who return year after year, well done for the work rate, as you know your input has been essential to keep the numbers up, thank you.

The ratio to date of mature fish above 3lbs to 10lbs (2.08.09) is 20% of the total catch (1200) which is a record here due to the massive shoals which have parked up on the coast. We have good bait shoals of herring and mackerel which seem to be keeping the Bass very busy.

We have been experimenting with a number of fly patterns and different lines but by far the most successful pattern is the red & white Clouser either on a 2/0 or 3/0 hook. Tarpon patterns are just starting to score as well, but strangely enough Chartreuse Deceivers or Clousers are not getting pulled. In the last week many of the larger Bass have been predating over small shore crabs, so you may want to try using Permit patterns on heavy lines as well as the traditional baitfish patterns.

The lines we are using this season are standard Intermediate G3’s from Orvis which are robust and trouble free See Orvis Lines and the LOOP Multi Lines (Intermediate) coupled up with Speed Runner and Mega Loop large arbors

The rods this season are a combination of three different manufacturers from Beulah, Orvis and LOOP in either 7 or 8 weights. Beulah have supplied the “Guide” series which have been exceptional on the salt due to their robust composition and fast action, the “Enforcer” is a cracking all round 8 wt rod for our UK coast and the “Yahoo” in the 10 wt will be tackling the larger Stripers in the USA in September as it did last year Guide Series Rods

Beulah Rod
Beulah Rod

Orvis Fly Rod

Orvis have supplied the Western 2 and Western 3 (7 & 8 wt) fast action reservoir/coastal rods which are 10 ft in length and very capable of punching big flies into the blue, if you can get your hands on the 10ft CF Western 2, I would seriously suggest you do as I think this is a cracking entry level rod with the power of many other rods in a much higher price bracket.

Christer Sjoberg at LOOP has supplied the new Opti Coast series in 6/7 & 8 wts combined with their Speed Runner & Mega Loop reels loaded with Multi lines which are so easy to cast it makes light work of any on shore breeze Opti Speedrunner & Mega Loop

Loop Rod

Loop Rod

Finally, we are finding that the smaller tides where the clarity remains good are by far the most productive, so if you are able to access your marks on these smaller tides you may find you score well, we have also done well on walking/drifting the last two hours of the Ebb tides out, the tide is still moving as is the bait stream so don’t ignore the Ebb as you may be surprised what pulls you when walking the tide out.

Book sales are going very well with not just Fly Fishing enthusiasts but bait fishermen as well as Lure specialists so many thanks for your interest and you would like a copy just email me. Download Sample Book

For now may your season be fun, safe and successful – the best months are yet to come so I’ll be reporting back in September, fingers crossed the wind drops and tight lines to you all.

Big Fish


Kind Regards



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