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Guiding Schedule 2009

To all those caught by the fly...

Further to my last newsletter in November I have put together a spread sheet for 2009 which will allow me to “Guide for Atlantic Bass” on certain days of the week as well as teach “Casting Instruction” and other events throughout the season, I will therefore be doing:

  • Casting Instruction (on Mondays and Fridays – Starting in March through until e/o November)
  • Guiding (Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday - Starting in April through until e/o October)
  • Organizing Striper trips in September (Peat Spade Inn marketing event on March 6/7th – 11 slots sold / 1 left)
  • Guide training on Saturday & Sunday (Starting in April through until e/o October by appointment)

If you require the new spread sheet please just let me know and I will send through accordingly. I apologize to those of you who I had to defer from guiding this coming season, but my schedule has only just become clear this last week – if you need further clarification please email or call me on the numbers below.


Kind Regards



Tel: 07767 820268
Tel: 01243 785496