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Fly Fishing With A Guide

Speed & Timing

This species necessitates the Sport-Fisherman to move quickly between marks. When guiding, local knowledge is the most valuable asset you need, which under the right conditions will ensure a productive session.

Optimum Times

There can be no doubt in our experience of Fly-Fishing that all species of Sport-Fish have optimum times for feeding. For Bass, these times are generally between tides, either on Low water or on the ebb and flood tide.

Spring tides which coincide with with a Full moon often allow areas of Flats or beach (usually covered by water) to be uncovered, thus allowing new feeding grounds to be discovered; under these conditions it is possible to find Bass so preoccupied with feeding that they literally swim between your legs !

Early mornings and late evenings are when Bass come into their own. These fish are also predated upon and therefore low light conditions will allow a greater confidence when presenting a fly to a feeding fish.