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End Season 2008


To all those caught by the fly...

Well it’s late November and at least the weather is doing what it should be doing at last – wet and windy, similar strangely enough to the 2008 season! Although 2008 was a technically difficult year due to the weather (F4-F5 average beaufort wind speed), it was a record year in two respects; firstly there remains a continuing interest in understanding the Atlantic Bass and the foreshore and secondly the technical requirements which are needed in order to have the best chance of its capture -this resulted in over 500 clients visiting the South Coast this season and it is an acknowledgement to you all for rising to the challenge under sometimes extreme conditions. The total count this year was just over 1800 Bass and 300 plus fish were recorded between the 50 cm and 70cm gauge. Some returning clients had multiple hook ups as well as many first timers also scoring well with mature fish. In summary therefore, although our total count was down in number from the last 5 year average, we have made up for the shortfall by increasing our percentage of mature fish to total catch from approximately 7% to 15%.

Just an observation

Bass Fishing
Bass Fishing

The non resident Bass this year seemed to arrive early, (1st week in May) due to a sharp increase in water temperatures which pushed the thermocline to plus 15 degrees very quickly. In my opinion this allowed fry to hatch which in turn allowed the first set of Spring tides to suck bait into the inshore fishery. On the flip side, the Bass seemed to leave the inshore marks prematurely this season, although conditions on the last set of Neap tides in October were near perfect (Clean water column and water temperatures above 13 degrees), our catch rates dropped aggressively, was this due to the Bass leaving via their body clock or another reason, I would be interested if any of you experienced a similar migration pattern?

Connecticut 2008/2009

The trip this year to Connecticut in New England USA was very successful. Well done to Dylan Morgan, Patrick Muir, Chris Stuart and Dr Cheryl Lee Barton for contributing to a total catch of Striped Bass, False Albacore and Blue Fish of approx 400 fish, some nice Bass to 34”, Albacore into double figures and a boat load or two of Blue Fish! – I hope you all felt the line burns were a price worth paying. A warm thank you to Ed Mitchell, Dan Woods and Ken Perry for once again finding us the fish and making the trip a memorable experience – without the guides the Atlantic Ocean is a big place! ( . The trip to Mystic, Connecticut next season is scheduled for the third week in September and if interested just email me accordingly (

Forthcoming Events

Peat House
The Peat House

As a precursor to the 2009 season I will be hosting an evening at the Peat Spade Inn alongside Howard Taylor from Hardys and Peter Mcleod from Ardvaark Mcleod called “Saltwater Fly fishing At Home & Abroad (see This will be a fun evening packed full of information with the chance in the morning to try out the latest Orvis and Hardy’s kit. We have limited availability (12 slots) and as of today (21.11.08) we have 4 slots remaining so please contact me accordingly if you would like to reserve your place.


Next Year Season 2009

Due to the success over the years of the Orvis Endorsed Saltwater school, is expanding and as a result we have managed to secure quite a large area of land near the coast which will allow me to develop the school on a permanent premises. There will be some development work occurring throughout the 2009 season to convert some of the outbuildings into a classroom in order to accommodate lectures and technical casting instruction. Due to time constraints this means I will be unable to guide at all throughout 2009 but Casting Instruction and International trips are operating as normal. We envisage getting back to normal in 2010 as well as employing another guide who will be operating out of Itchenor and the surrounding coastline. Casting Instruction will occur on designated days throughout the week and a spreadsheet is available to those who request it. If you would like dates for 2009 for Casting Instruction or details on Connecticut in September please email and I will send through the spread sheet accordingly– Remember as Christmas approaches Gift Vouchers are now available and proved a very popular alternative present to “All those caught by the Fly”! ( Once again, well done to all of you who chased silver in the surf this year and I wish you all the best for the coming months and forthcoming season.


Kind Regards



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