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Early Season 2004

Just to keep you posted , I went out yesterday (16th April) for the first season's run out in the boat and on the flats and the fish were already in ! it's surprising what a difference some sun makes , more exploratory than anything but was surprised at the clarity of the water and the amount of fish showing in the usual spots .

The winds this winter have created a much larger shingle bar which I can easily get parties of fly anglers to by boat (in the middle of the estuary which no one bothers with (over 1 sq mile of private flats). On one side of this particular bar, the depth goes from 40ft to zero in less than 15ft due to the scouring affect of the tidal rip! ... the other side gets all the deposition and is perfect for wading (alot of peeler crab , kelp and mussel ) , the bass seem to hide off the current intercepting anything in the tidal flow ; dead drifting worked well on small shrimp flies but I would anticipate later on in the season that Hi-D lines will catch good quality fish .

Will keep you posted as to this seasons progress and hope to hear from you all soon .