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Bass Fishing Casting Courses

Casting Courses Introduction

Salt water fly-fishing demands greater control on rod and line than other forms of fly-fishing due to the effect of wind.

Usually when working areas of tributaries or shingle spits, sand banks or flats the fly fisher finds himself in open space with few natural obstacles to act as a wind break. Learning to use the energy of the wind not only allows the fly-fisher the opportunity to cover a greater area but also allows him to work in a more efficient and safer way.

It is rare to find a day on the coast without some prevailing wind and usually as the day matures the wind energy progresses due to the effect of the land mass heating up – Bass fishing is a summer past time and therefore it is likely you will be presented with a perfect day on the coast , only to find a nagging wind prevents you reaching your target quarry.

The essence of this short tutorial is to get you to not only cast but to also understand how to harness the wind so as to allow you a greater opportunity to cover your chosen area in a more progressive way.