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Guiding & Casting Instruction 2022 Season


Casting Instruction courses occur throughout the season and start in March. Each course is 4 hrs long and are available in the morning and afternoon (max 2 clients per course). AM courses are from 9.30/13.30 - PM courses are from 14.00 hrs - 18.00hrs.

Guiding sessions (6/7 hours) start from April 1st throughout the season Monday - Saturday inclusive. Wading tides accommodate a maximum team of 3 clients and Drifting tides a maximum team of 2 clients. Start times depend on lunar cycle and will be advised when booking.

Green Box Dates in green are not booked

Amber Box Dates in Amber are partially booked

Red Box Dates in Red are fully booked

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March April May June July August September October November
Sun 1st Full
Mon 2nd Partial 1st Free
Tue 1st 3rd Partial 2nd Free 1st Full
Wed 2nd 4th Free 1st Free 3rd Partial 2nd Free
Thu 3rd 5th Partial 2nd Partial 4th Free 1st Full 3rd Partial
Fri 4th 1st Free 6th Free 3rd Free 1st Full 5th Free 2nd Full 4th Free
Sat 5th 2nd Free 7th Partial 4th Free 2nd Full 6th Free 3rd Full 1st Full 5th Free
Sun 6th 3rd Free 8th Full 5th Full 3rd Full 7th Full 4th Full 2nd Full 6th Free
Mon 7th 4th Free 9th Free 6th Free 4th Partial 8th Free 5th Full 3rd Free 7th Free
Tue 8th 5th Free 10th Partial 7th Partial 5th Partial 9th Partial 6th Full 4th Free 8th Free
Wed 9th 6th Free 11th Free 8th Free 6th Partial 10th Free 7th Full 5th Free 9th Free
Thu 10th 7th Free 12th Free 9th Full 7th Full 11th Partial 8th Full 6th Full 10th Free
Fri 11th 8th Free 13th Partial 10th Free 8th Free 12th Free 9th Full 7th Free 11th Free
Sat 12th 9th Free 14th Partial 11th Free 9th Full 13th Free 10th Free 8th Partial 12th Free
Sun 13th 10th Free 15th Full 12th Full 10th Full 14th Full 11th Full 9th Full 13th Free
Mon 14th 11th Free 16th Free 13th Full 11th Free 15th Full 12th Full 10th Full 14th Free
Tue 15th 12th Free 17th Partial 14th Partial 12th Full 16th Full 13th Full 11th Partial 15th Free
Wed 16th 13th Free 18th Free 15th Free 13th Free 17th Free 14th Free 12th Partial 16th Free
Thu 17th 14th Free 19th Free 16th Partial 14th Partial 18th Full 15th Full 13th Full 17th Free
Fri 18th 15th Partial 20th Free 17th Free 15th Full 19th Free 16th Free 14th Free 18th Free
Sat 19th 16th Free 21st Free 18th Free 16th Full 20th Partial 17th Free 15th Free 19th Free
Sun 20th 17th Partial 22nd Full 19th Full 17th Full 21st Full 18th Full 16th Full 20th Free
Mon 21st 18th Free 23rd Free 20th Full 18th Free 22nd Free 19th Partial 17th Free 21st Free
Tue 22nd 19th Free 24th Full 21st Full 19th Partial 23rd Partial 20th Partial 18th Full 22nd Free
Wed 23rd 20th Free 25th Free 22nd Free 20th Free 24th Free 21st Partial 19th Free 23rd Free
Thu 24th 21st Free 26th Full 23rd Free 21st Free 25th Full 22nd Partial 20th Free 24th Free
Fri 25th 22nd Free 27th Free 24th Free 22nd Free 26th Free 23rd Full 21st Partial 25th Free
Sat 26th 23rd Free 28th Partial 25th Full 23rd Partial 27th Free 24th Partial 22nd Free 26th Free
Sun 27th 24th Free 29th Full 26th Full 24th Full 28th Full 25th Full 23rd Full 27th Free
Mon 28th 25th Free 30th Free 27th Free 25th Free 29th Full 26th Full 24th Full 28th Free
Tue 29th 26th Free 31st Free 28th Full 26th Full 30th Full 27th Full 25th Partial 29th Free
Wed 30th 27th Free 29th Free 27th Partial 31st Partial 28th Full 26th Free 30th Free
Thu 31st 28th Free 30th Full 28th Full 29th Full 27th Free
Fri 29th Free 29th Full 30th Full 28th Free
Sat 30th Free 30th Free 29th Partial
Sun 31st Full 30th Full
Mon 31st Full